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Sell shaker bottle...

I wish you all would sell the blender/shaker cup individually. I understand the idea behind buying the complete package. It's amazing. But I think for someone who already has a prep bag but just wants another bottle would be great! Unfortunately, it looks like you'd have to purchase another set? I mean you sell the containers separately... Why not the bottle. Thanks!

My second set!

Very happy with this set. The pill case and shaker make it complete! Great quality. You won't regret your purchase.

Lucas Sever...

I think the bag is amazing! It fits my meal prep perfectly and allows me to organize everything to my liking.


I really do love this bag, the containers are perfect size for my meal prep. I also like the fact that when I do have the six containers in there, I can also fit a yogurt in it, on top of the ice packs or a can/16 ounce bottle.

My only real complaint is that I wish it had a compartment big enough to hold silverware, an apple and things like that. I usually end up carrying a second bag with all of that.

Just wonderful!

I really find these to be a perfect size and it’s great that I can wash them in the dishwasher. Great product!

Love the size and all the containers!

The size of the bag makes it very versatile. I can see myself using it for lunches at work, heading out to the beach or park, road trips, the gym, etc. The small shaker bottle and pouch is a great touch as well. Such a good buy

Red Meal Prep Lunch Bag Set
Anastasia Seniushkina
Red Meal Prep Lunch Bag...

Red Meal Prep Lunch Bag Set

Well thought...

This product is well thought out and very convenient. The design allows for the two ice packs to be placed in the middle, thus making contact with all the containers. Perfect!!!


Nice quality. Better than others I have seen. Bought two more as gifts.

More perfect than I knew I needed!

More perfect than I knew I needed!

Best meal prep lunch...

Quality product. Has everything you need to meal prep. Highly recommend

Lunch meal set:...

Great quality, nice sized containers; happy with my order.


I love this bag!! I’m a professional chef and the portion size containers perfect ! Keeps you in line for eating the right amount. The biggest thing... food is cold for hours ! I sometimes don’t eat till 8-9 hours in 12-14 hour day .
The shaker is great too. You can pack several things ... i have had the bag for several months .
It’s worth the money and reasonable price too.

Amazing Lunch...

I am just so excited to have this and it has so many containers to make it easy to pack lunches and healthy snakes. My only issue is that I can’t fit my smoothie container inside as my drive to work is 45 minutes and want to keep it cold. Other than that this bag is the best I have ever owned.

Purple Meal Prep Lunch Bag Set
Stephanie Aguasvivas
Purple Meal Prep Lunch Bag...

Purple Meal Prep Lunch Bag Set

Blue Meal Prep Lunch Bag Set
Vernita Christian

Good Fit


This was a perfect Christmas present for my father who wants to start doing meal prep for lunches at work.

Black Meal Prep Lunch Bag...

Black Meal Prep Lunch Bag Set

Legit 4...

Perfect for meal prepping and on the go meal needs


Containers are super durable great seals with the lids and fit perfect sized portions. Also they don't have design flaws that require more room in the fridge unlike other food prep Tupperware. The lunch box is compact and superb as a on the go daily meal prep carry along.

Absolutely Love This...

I have been looking for a lunchbox to really help fit my lifestyle and this more than surpassed my expectations. The quality of the products are amazing. I would recommend this to anyone. You get so much for such an amazing price.

An amazing product for an incredible price!

An amazing product for an incredible price!

Perfect Meal Prep Containers!

These containers seal great and don't leak, even for liquids! They stack together nicely for storage and hold a ton of food. Perfect for daily meal prep and use.

Can't review something I didn't receive.

I wrote to Mr. Dan & to him I didn't receive my shipment, I waited months for them to have back in stock. Then FedEx delivered to the wrong place, which they do 3 times a month for us...

I did buy a lunch box & a full set back in March & absolutely love it, that's why I bought the 2 extra set of containers.

Sorry Mr. Dan for the 1 star but I emailed you twice since I told you I didn't get the shipment & you ghosted me.