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Diet plays a major role in general wellness, health and fitness. Given the abundance and easy access to cheap calories it can be difficult to avoid unhealthy foods, especially if you have a busy and stressful schedule to contend with. That’s why we designed the ultimate in meal prep bags and meal prep lunch boxes. We know that they’re the best on the market because that’s what we wanted for our own meal prep! Versatile, durable, stylish.

If you’ve never done meal prepping before, you might not be aware of all the benefits. There are plenty of them, including:

  • Helping you manage your weight through portion control
  • Simplifying your meal-time decisions to reduce unhealthy choices
  • Saving money and reducing food waste
  • Allowing you to follow an individual and needs-specific diet
  • Reducing stress from start to finish

Reduce the worry about what and where to eat (not to mention according to plan) with our Think Fit meal prep systems. Make the commitment to meal prep and you’ll always have a healthy and portion controlled meal right at your fingertips. Save money, save time, and save yourself from the quick calories and nutrient void meals that have been tripping up your better intentions.

Meal Prep Lunch Bags

Available in the color of your choice, our double insulated lunch bags keep your food at a safe temperature during transport and storage. Our bags are also soft sided, easy to carry with multiple strap options, and have a slight style upgrade from the brown paper bag of your youth.

Meal Prep Lunch Boxes

There are plenty of food containers on the market, but for meal prep, you’re going to want durability and flexibility. Our container boxes are BPA-free, microwave friendly, and totally safe to store in the freezer. They come with four-side clip-on lids, so you never have to worry about spillage in your lunch bag.

Whether you’re heading off to work, school, or a day in the car, our lunch boxes are easy to store, easy to clean, and make supporting your healthy eating goals easier than ever.

Fitness Equipment

All fitness plans are going to require exercise but rather than committing to an expensive gym membership the ThinkFit team recommends looking to home exercise equipment. Using their years of experience as personal trainers and fitness fanatics, the ThinkFit team created our best-selling fitness equipment bundles and packages, designed specifically for at home use. At home workout systems are just as effective as fitness centers - it’s just a matter of which one you’re more likely to stick with. If it’s a challenge for you to drag yourself to the gym, committing to a simple workout at home is your best strategy to move forward.

At ThinkFit, we practice what we preach. We believe that a healthy lifestyle should be available to everyone. That’s why we use our own products every day and are always looking for ways to improve. Living fit starts with Think Fit; join us.

The best way to ensure that you are giving your body all of the nutrients and minerals it needs is to determine a diet that’s specific to you and then commit to meal prepping for it. The popularity of this practice is being driven by an increasing desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Meal prepping isn’t rocket science: it’s simply taking the time to create a few meals and then portioning them into appropriate containers, and using a meal prep bags for transport and storage while you’re away from your kitchen. Diet is an integral part of a health regime, and having a high energy meal prep gym bag or a fridge loaded with healthy prepared meals can go a long way to boosting your health levels.

Choosing Containers

The effectiveness of your meal prepping is going to partially rely on the containers that you use to store your meals. Make sure that you have the right fitness meal bags and the best container boxes for fridge storage. These should be microwave-friendly, airtight, and easy to clean. If you’re including salads in your meal prep, then they will stay a lot fresher in an airtight container, so this should be a priority. Our range of portion control containers tick all those boxes and you can even get the perfect meal prep gym bag for easier storage and transport. Whether you’re heading for a long session at the gym or you’re just looking for a way to avoid eating unhealthily at work, taking control of your health and your bank balance has never been easier.

Meal prep can help you take better control of your diet and your food budget. It may take some time to prepare a week’s worth of meals in one day, but it will save you time and money throughout the rest of the week. It will also help you to avoid snacking on unhealthy food options, and that can only be a good thing when it comes to sticking to your health plan. As you get more confident with your meal prepping, you’ll be able to start loading your best meal prep bags with tasty dishes you know you love!