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Are you ready to take your workout to the next level? Whether you want to challenge yourself and make your routine tougher, or simply are aiming to target different muscle groups, ThinkFit exercise equipment is the perfect addition to your workout regimen!

Fitness equipment can help you focus your efforts on specific areas that you wish to improve. Consider them tools to assist you in your fitness journey: using the right tools can help you reach those goals faster than if you were working out without the use of any equipment.

The ThinkFit Total Home Gym Equipment Package comes with everything you need to tone your body, build up strength, or assist with your stretching and flexibility training. Perform a wide variety of different exercises at home with these easy-to-use gym accessories and maximize the efficiency of your workout routine.

If you’re looking to focus on your core strength or work on balance, the exercise ball is the perfect accessory to use. Our exercise balls are made from a professional gym grade material and use anti-burst technology to be able to support a maximum of 800lbs. Use our exercise ball to assist you with your yoga practice or turn up the heat on your workout routine by incorporating it into your regular workout.

Another excellent piece of equipment for developing and working on core strength is the yoga sliders, which are also included in the ThinkFit bundle. You will feel your core burning and working, but sliders will also get you a full-body workout, as they help work your arms, chest, back, and lower body too. They work great on any surface, including carpeting, so don’t be afraid to get down and use them!

Work your agility and stability with our resistance bands and exercise loop, which also targets your upper body when using the bands with handles. These gym accessories are the perfect tool to help improve flexibility and strength.

Don’t settle for anything less than amazing results. Even a 20-minute workout routine using this equipment can help you get a full-body workout that you will be more than satisfied with.