Top Fitness Trends of 2019

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Staying aware of new and emerging trends can be a great way to find new ideas to improve your own health routine. Knowing what health professionals and fitness fans are doing to keep themselves motivated can be a fantastic way to ensure that your own fitness plans are continuously evolving. While trends come and go, some of the significant fitness trends of 2019 look set to become an ongoing part of the health and fitness landscape. If your workout or diet is feeling a little tired and stale, here are some of the most important and beneficial fitness trends that might fit perfectly into your existing schedule.

Wearable Technology

Fitness trackers are the number one trend for those hoping to get more from their daily health routine. While fitness trackers are not new and have featured on fitness trends lists since 2016, they have very quickly become a crucial element of any health and fitness plan. Letting you better monitor your movement and caloric intake, a good health tracker is 2019’s must-have health and fitness tool.

Meal Prepping

Diet is such an integral part of any fitness plan, but it can be difficult to ensure that every meal in a day is healthy and doing your body some good. Meal prep has taken the world by storm in the last year, and there are a variety of websites and resources available to ensure that your meal prep is easy, cost-effective, and good for your body. Look at some of the best meal prep recipes available and invest in some quality insulated meal prep boxes and bags to keep your food nice and fresh throughout the week.

Group Training

It can be a challenge to drag yourself to the gym when you’re going by yourself. That might go some way to explaining why the notion of group training has gained so much traction this year. Group sessions involving around five people are cheaper than hiring a one-on-one personal trainer, and you get the added motivation of your friends nagging you about non-appearances. The best thing about group training is that you can tailor them to your end-goals, and that focus on results can be even more inspiration to the head to the gym

Exercise for Older Adults

Advancing generations are exercising more than ever. There are several reasons behind this trend, but the main one is certainly the ability to access more in terms of spending money. Baby boomers are starting to take very real care of their health and fitness levels, and gyms are starting to take notice. If you think that you're too old to start lifting weights and eating right, you might be surprised by some of the resources that are available to you. Take some time to do your research if you’re planning on getting into better shape in your older years. A combination of diet and light exercise can be the perfect start to your new fitness plan and could see you feeling and looking healthier than ever before.

Fitness trends are a good way of spotting new ideas for your health plan. If the gym is feeling a little dull, and you’re tired of eating the same superfoods every day, then it might be time to shake things up a bit. Check out the big fitness trends of 2019 and see which ones will fit into your ongoing fitness plan. You might be surprised by how much it can have a positive impact on your motivation and long-term health.

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