How ThinkFit made the Best Meal Prep Lunch Box Even Better

How ThinkFit made the Best Meal Prep Lunch Box Even Better

So you meal prep. Or, at least you’re trying your best to keep up with the movement that’s taking over your social media feeds, and now you’re in the market for a meal prep lunch box.

One of the reasons people fail at meal prep,

is because they fail to consistently bring their prepped meals with them. Food gets left at home, left on the seat in a hot car, or forgotten in the cramped community fridge at work.

That’s where a meal prep lunch box can come in handy.

They’re bigger than a traditional elementary-age lunchbox to fit all of your ready-to-eat healthy meals, and they’re sleeker than a plastic grocery bag that you shoved your food into when in a hurry (we’ve all been there, don’t worry).

A good box will also act as its own refrigerator should you feel the need to avoid the office experiments your co-workers have neglected in there.

The point is, part of successful meal prep is having a grown-up lunch box that’s multi-functional and built to travel.

You’ve come to the right place.

ThinkFit meal prep lunch boxes are consistently reviewed as top-of-the-line systems within the meal prep community and have been that way since becoming a #1 seller in 2017.

How did we get there?

Since our launch, we’ve actively communicated with our customers to understand how we can improve upon our already loved meal prep lunch box, both in the build and the design.

And now, it’s finally here

A meal prep lunch box built by the meal prep community.

You spoke. We listened. Take a look.


In With the New

Our first feature upgrade to the ThinkFit meal prep lunch box is adding YKK zippers. In most products, zippers usually go unnoticed… that is until they break and leave your favorite product damaged beyond repair.

ThinkFit YKK Zippers

YKK zippers are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. Additionally, YKK are prized in the garment industry for their construction and consideration for the environment: values which perfectly line up with ThinkFit’s mission.

Our second component upgrade to our lunch bag is the inclusion and revision of 2 heavy-duty XL ice packs. Our packs now have an increased cooling capacity and time allowance.

ThinkFit Meal Prep Ice Box

What does this mean for you?


Never again will you be weighed down by the worry of your proximity to a refrigerator. With our heavy-duty XL ice packs, you can keep your meal prep lunch bag and your precious meals cold for up to 12 hours in a temperate environment - that’s half your day. This kind of quality is essential for a go-getter like you.

Our third feature enhancement are clear lids on both our meal prep containers and pill boxes. We get it: you want your meal prep to be as easy as possible. A simple way to make that happen? Build your containers to be physically and figuratively more transparent.

Meal Prep Lunch Box Container Lids

So turn your containers upside down, diagonal, or sunny side-up. You’ll be able to see what’s on the menu from all angles, all the time.

Okay, one last thing.

Don’t get us wrong - we love our classic red-on-black model and blue-on-black look, too. But there’s just something special about your most-requested color combinations.

ThinkFit - The Ultimate Meal Prep Lunch Bag Kit

Introducing our black-on-black and purple-on-slate grey color options! You all loved the sleek yet powerful aesthetics of these two options combined with our modern design.

We haven’t changed everything.

Some of our features were simply too good to change and are the reason we’ve been highly ranked for both ‘best meal prep bags 2018 and listed as the Best Insulated Lunch Box under ‘best meal prep bags 2019’.

Practically Perfect

Let us re-introduce you to the qualities we deemed too foolproof to take away.

Our double-insulated interior and heavy-duty exterior. As previously mentioned, you may not have the opportunity to fit your prepped meals into a refrigerated after leaving home. For this reason exactly, our bags are provided with high-quality insulation to keep your hot meals hot and your cold meals cold.

The meal prep bag’s lining is easy to clean in case life provides you with an accident, and the outside of the bag is built to withstand daily use and travel, from home, to the office or the work site, and to the gym. This bag is made for everyday use and everyday ease!

Our meal prep container sizes. As discussed in our “Meal Prep for Portion Control” article, our meal prep containers are intentionally smaller than most options you’ll find. We did that on purpose!

We offer a combination of 2 ½ cup and 1 ½ cup containers in order to encourage appropriate single-serving eating! If you use random tupperware your serving sizes will likely end up fitting the container, not your calorie plan. This can lead to unintentional overeating or food waste.

There is nothing worse than going to the effort of meal prep to then see it end up in the waste bin at the end of your meal.

Our container build. Some meal prep containers claim to hold up against microwaves, ice and suds, but instead leave customers disappointed with their overpriced and damaged goods.

Our meal prep portion-control containers are BPA-free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe - we promise!

They’ll even hold up in the freezer for those who need to prep meals far in advance for their hectic lives. 4 lock-down snaps, one on each side of the lid, with airtight seals will protect your mind from any worries about spillage, or spoilage.

Our 7-compartment, push-button pill & supplement container. Our easy-to-use container is sleek, compact and discreet for those looking to take their daily medicine with food during the day. It also works just as well for a supplement regimen to accompany workouts and a healthy diet!

We know.

“Supplement” can be a foreign word to some of us. We usually reserve it for the intimidating gym rat on his or her 300th pushup, or for the couch potato that doesn’t eat well in the first place.

We need to break it to you:

Supplements are not restricted to these two extremes.

Supplements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and others, but are not meant to replace the importance of exercise or a whole meal in a healthy diet. However, for those that struggle with uptake, they do have the ability to feed your muscles and counter deficiencies.

Balancing your body and hormones are at the push of a button with our container.

Not to mention, your supplement container, napkins, silverware and more can be housed in our secure internal net storage sleeve. Revealed only by unzipping your meals, our safe and reliable pocket is tucked away out of sight, yet easily accessible.

Our multi-compartment shaker cup. Our design integrates a stainless steel whisk mixer with our shaker cup, which is far superior to the old-school free-floating ball mixer. In addition to our cup’s 23oz capacity and its perfect placement in our bag’s expandable net pocket, we decided to “up” your typical fitness experience.

Meal Prep Shaker Cup from ThinkFit

Our meal prep bag is delivered with three screw-on storage containers for the shaker cup. These are perfect for fitness fanatics looking to keep protein powders, pre-workout or snacks. They can also be used for in the moment storage - they are able to house a key, spare cash, and/or an extra set of headphones for your trip into the gym. 

One of the screw-on containers is even divided into three compartments for smaller supplements or pills to ensure easy access to your health at any time.

Our adjustable, padded shoulder strap. Carrying around our meal prep bag is simple, streamlined and most importantly - comfortable.

Our build is high-quality, yet light. However, in case you decide to pack your bags with heavy, protein-filled meals, we’ve made sure to pad for weight and relaxed relief on your body. At 48” the adjustable shoulder strap accommodates for all heights!

Looking for another way to grab and go? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered with our seam-stitched integrated handle. If you prefer to keep your shoulders free, use the durable and secure handle on the top of your meal prep bag.

Our side-storage pocket. We’ve included a zippable compartment because if you’re anything like us, you may need to fit more than just your meals inside your bag.

Items such as packaged snacks, car or house keys, a wallet and even your phone can easily be tucked away. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a small yet valuable item behind, or worse: having it fall out of your bag.

Your mind can be at ease knowing that your essentials are secure with you at all times.


Our meal prep lunch boxes have a massive amount of sound, amazing and assured qualities, and it shows. There’s a reason that ThinkFit has been the #1 seller since 2017 - we have no plans to change that anytime soon.

Our commitment to both new and loyal customers is unparalleled. We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee when purchasing and using your ThinkFit meal prep for years to come.

So… what’s holding you back?

Try our new top-of-the-line meal prep lunch box: preferred over all others.


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